Children's Permaculture Guild

Childrens Permaculture Resource Network


The Childrens Permaculture Resource Network (CPRN) serves as a clearing house of Permaculture-related information.

It was created as a hub of print material, online resources, history, and support to further expand the growing network of environmental education.

Additionally, the CPRN carries a selection of books, zines, and online curriculum for children, parents, and educators.

Subjects include Permaculture, Primitive Skills, Gardening, DIY, and Self-Sufficiency.


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Robina McCurdy - director, Children's Permaculture Foundation (1989-1994)

Carolyn Nuttall - 'A Children's Food Forest' and 'Outdoor Classrooms' (co-authored with Janet Millington)

Robin Clayfield - 'The Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively' (co-authored with Skye)

Patty Parks-Wasserman - Director and Founder of Institute of Permaculture Education for Children

Lucy Legan - Director and co-founder, Mollison School for Sustainable Studies and author of 'Sustainable Schools: Ecoliteracy and the Environment'

Lily White - taught 'Kids Edible Gardens' and 'Permaculture in Schools' in New Zealand

Adrian Dent - offers 'Permaculture for Kids' services in Melbourne

Kat M. Provencher - Co-taught a Kids Permaculture camp in 2004

Toby Hemenway - Teaches a design course at PSU tailored for folks with kids and/or jobs. Tries to accommodate the needs of parents in his courses by encouraging child care arrangements among parent participants, and by offering weekend courses.

Dr. David White teaches permaculture to students at the Happy Valley School.

Dr. Charlie Headington - directs school gardening programs in Greensboro, NC and  wrote 'Teaching Permaculture in a School Garden'






























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'Permaculture for Children', Permaculture Activist magazine, Vol.3 #1 Feb. 1987

'Permaculture Goes to School' (1997) compiled by Fiona Campbell and Russ Grayson

'Children Gardening: First Steps Toward a Sustainable Future' by Robin C. Moore

'The Principles of Permaculture' Green Teacher magazine, #78 Spring 2006

'The Seed Ball Project' Green Teacher magazine, #75 Winter 2005

Kids in Permaculture - Permaculture Activist magazine, #67 Spring 2008

Education: Learning to Change the World - Permaculture Activist magazine, #53 Fall 2004
'Deeper Yet: School & Orphanage Permaculture Project' - Talking Leaves magazine, Fall 2000
All Round (children's magazine) issue no.12 "All About Plants You Can Eat" 
'Little Water' forthcoming book by Ray Cirino
Fireweed: A Zine of Grassroots Radical Herbalism and Wild Foods Connecting with Kids and Family Life
Shadowchaser of the Siskiyous:
A Permaculture-inspired children's book
Permaculture for Kids. A neat summary by David Cody of Permaculture San Francisco 
'Permaculture the Schools' article




Camp Katuah - Residential Summer Camp

Lost Valley - Permaculture for Kids Summer Day Camp (2006)

"Kids Rock to Permaculture" - Introducing Permaculture Education in Uganda

Naturewise London - Introductory Course for parents and their children (July 2007)

Green Adventure: Edible Forest school project (click on yellow fish for English)

Edible Schoolyard -

Center for Ecoliteracy - School Garden Project -

Food Not Lawns 2001 Kids Program -

Little Artshram Summer Art Programs in Northern Michigan -

Permakids workshops at Veggie Village

Edgewater Permaculture Society for Kids

Permaculture Association Convergence 2006 in Dorset had a pc learning zone for kids

Earth Matters Networks in Tennessee offers a Kids Permaculture class in Nashville

ADULT PDC COURSE alongside a NATURALIST IMMERSION PROGRAM for CHILDREN (Six Weekends in 2009-2010. Starting Oct.10) Sponsored by Green Phoenix Permaculture Contact:

Institute of Permaculture Education for Children
Willow Way Wellness/Transition Colorado hosts a Childrens Permaculture Program
Youth Permaculture Program on Orcas Island, WA.  July 11-31, 2010 (5-9yrs)
Permaculture Course for Kids at Sadhana Fores - Auroville, India
Childrens events sponsored by the Brighton Permaculture Trust 

Children's Permaculture Project in Seunuddon Aceh

EcoKids Festival Sept. 13 in Sydney

Kaleen High school in NSW 

Cottonwood School in New Mexico offers a permaculture program: